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Recent Surveys (Last 100 Reports)

DateLocationRouteRaptors Seen
2023-12-08TN, USCades Cove GSMNP6[View]
2023-12-07Illinois, USAIlDekalbOgleLeeL13[View]
2023-12-07Illinois, USAIlOgleLeeL17[View]
2023-12-07Wisconsin, USGoose Pond to WI River35[View]
2023-12-05Vermont, United StatesAddison20[View]
2023-12-02IL, United StatesKane County WRS21[View]
2023-12-01Massachusetts, USAEssex County, MA - Rte 26[View]
2023-11-16Massachusetts, USAEssex County, MA - Rte 120[View]
2023-11-14Vermont, United StatesAddison10[View]
2023-03-26Massachusetts, USAEssex County, MA - Rte 223[View]
2023-03-20Vermont, United StatesAddison29[View]
2023-03-16Vermont, United StatesAddison10[View]
2023-03-15Illinois, USAWedron 201314102[View]
2023-03-15Illinois, USAILrt471416[View]
2023-03-15Illinois, USASweetLakeco28[View]
2023-03-13Vermont, United StatesUpper Valley2[View]
2023-03-06Vermont, United StatesAddison10[View]
2023-03-05Illinois, USASweetMcHenryCo9[View]
2023-03-03Illinois, USAMauerMarshallPutnam16[View]
2023-03-01Vermont, United StatesUpper Valley3[View]
2023-02-28Vermont, United StatesAddison29[View]
2023-02-28Minnesota, USASax-Zim Bog IBA2[View]
2023-02-27New York, USAWallkill River 27[View]
2023-02-27Missouri, United StatesMissouri, Clay County12[View]
2023-02-26Wisconsin, USGoose Pond to WI River44[View]
2023-02-26NE/WY , United StatesNE - Banner Co HWY 88 - WY 151 3[View]
2023-02-26WY, United StatesWY Stateline 151 to US 85 to WY 313 to County Line Rd5[View]
2023-02-26WY, United StatesWY Goshen Co WY 161 to NE stateline2[View]
2023-02-26NE, United StatesNE Scotts Bluff County - Hwy 92 to Gering, NE12[View]
2023-02-25Iowa, United StatesIA VBC Bonaparte-MS-Ely Ford47[View]
2023-02-24Illinois, USANECookCo, IL3[View]
2023-02-22Iowa, USAHawkeye Wildlife Management Area Route9[View]
2023-02-21Illinois, USAIlDekalbOgleLeeL20[View]
2023-02-21Illinois, USAIlOgleLeeL19[View]
2023-02-21Virginia, United StatesNW Augusta County29[View]
2023-02-21Illinois, USAILWfrdC&N2020(revised)TH9[View]
2023-02-21Illinois, USALaSalle IL nuke plant revised Dec 202181[View]
2023-02-20Vermont, United StatesAddison15[View]
2023-02-20Minnesota, USAWestern Blue Earth County8[View]
2023-02-20Illinois, USANECookCo, IL8[View]
2023-02-19Iowa, USASW Ringgold Co Iowa49[View]
2023-02-19Colorado, USABoulder Reservoir to Rabbit Mountain, CO46[View]
2023-02-19Virginia, USAShenandoah Valley29[View]
2023-02-19Iowa, United StatesIA Foulk Rd to LaPorte City4[View]
2023-02-19Wyoming, United StatesHMANA WRS - Albany County, WY11[View]
2023-02-18New York, USATreadwell Creek31[View]
2023-02-18Minnesota, United StatesNicolett County15[View]
2023-02-18Minnesota, United StatesBlue Earth County--Southeast22[View]
2023-02-18Iowa, USAIA Dysart Rd-Irvine Prairie-58thSt Extended Route5[View]
2023-02-18Iowa, USAIA Black Hawk Co SE38[View]
2023-02-18Illinois, USAMauerMarshallPutnam15[View]
2023-02-18New York, USAHudson River, Bear Mountain Bridge to Croton, New York26[View]
2023-02-17Illinois, USAWedron 20131433[View]
2023-02-17Illinois, USAILWoodfordTH17[View]
2023-02-15Illinois, USAILrt47148[View]
2023-02-15Vermont, United StatesUpper Valley[View]
2023-02-15Iowa, USAHawkeye Wildlife Management Area Route24[View]
2023-02-14Colorado, USASouth and East Boulder, Stearns Lake; CO44[View]
2023-02-14Vermont, United StatesAddison10[View]
2023-02-14Michigan, United StatesRudyard-Pickford WRS26[View]
2023-02-13Iowa, United StatesIA_Harrison55[View]
2023-02-13Virginia, United StatesWesternAugustaCo41[View]
2023-02-13Pa, USAYork County PA winter raptor survey136[View]
2023-02-12Illinois, USASweetLakeco17[View]
2023-02-12Nebraska, USAWashington/Burt Nebraska47[View]
2023-02-12Missouri, United StatesHiLonesomeIonia78[View]
2023-02-12Iowa, United StatesIA_Fremont-Mills35[View]
2023-02-12Iowa, United StatesIA Finchford to Lake Considine21[View]
2023-02-12California, United StatesCedarville, CA105[View]
2023-02-12Wyoming, United StatesWY Platte Co Havely-Pioneer-Moon6[View]
2023-02-11Colorado, USARocky Mountain Arsenal NWR to Barr Lake and west of DIA, CO110[View]
2023-02-11Colorado, United StatesNunn Raptor Alley Route25[View]
2023-02-11Wyoming, United StatesWY Platte Co Pioneer to South Gap5[View]
2023-02-11Wyoming, United StatesWY Platte Co Greyrocks to Guernsey Reservoirs8[View]
2023-02-11WY, United StatesWY-Goshen Co - WY 156 -Co Rd 77- to WY 15418[View]
2023-02-10Montana, USAGalata, Mt to Rt 159[View]
2023-02-10CA, USASierra Valley23[View]
2023-02-08Iowa, USAHawkeye Wildlife Management Area Route23[View]
2023-02-08Massachusetts, USAEssex County, MA - Rte 113[View]
2023-02-07Vermont, United StatesUpper Valley1[View]
2023-02-06Illinois/Wisconsin, USAMadaus Winnebago-Rock IL/WI8[View]
2023-02-06Vermont, United StatesAddison6[View]
2023-02-05Illinois, USASweetMcHenryCo8[View]
2023-02-04Iowa, United StatesIA VBC Bonaparte-MS-Ely Ford42[View]
2023-02-03Wisconsin, USABerardi SE WI13[View]
2023-02-02California, USACoyote Valley98[View]
2023-02-02Vermont, United StatesUpper Valley[View]
2023-02-02Wisconsin, USGoose Pond to WI River43[View]
2023-02-01Iowa, USAHawkeye Wildlife Management Area Route26[View]
2023-01-31Illinois, USANECookCo, IL4[View]
2023-01-30Vermont, United StatesAddison13[View]
2023-01-30Minnesota, USASax-Zim Bog IBA[View]
2023-01-30Iowa, USAIA Black Hawk Co SE5[View]
2023-01-29Illinois, USAMauerMarshallPutnam17[View]
2023-01-29Iowa, United StatesIA Foulk Rd to LaPorte City6[View]
2023-01-29Iowa, USAIA Dysart Rd-Irvine Prairie-58thSt Extended Route7[View]
2023-01-28New York, USAHudson River, Bear Mountain Bridge to Croton, New York41[View]
2023-01-28New York, USATreadwell Creek16[View]
2023-01-28New York / New Jersey, USABlack Dirt - Wallkill NY-NJ126[View]
2023-01-27Nebraska, USADodge County NE39[View]