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RouteCades Cove GSMNP (1323)
Location TN, US
Survey date 2024-02-05
Survey ID1852

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2024-02-05Start Time: 16:10:00End Time: 18:00:00
Temperature17.2 (C)12.8 (C)
Cloud Cover20 (%)20 (%)
Visibility32 (km)32 (km)
Precipitation0: None0: None
Wind Speed2: 6-11 km/h (4-7 mph)2: 6-11 km/h (4-7 mph)
Wind DirectionNENE
Snow Depth0 (in)0 (in)
Observer 1Katheryn Albrecht
Observer 2Wren Albrecht
Observer 3
Observer 4
Notes Decided to conduct a late afternoon/early evening survey to try to capture the short-eared owls that had been regularly observed by others in the area. Did not disappoint! Just at dusk, three short-eared owls appeared in the fields in the southern portion of Hyatt Lane.
We also observed a male and female NOHA and a RSHA. Beautiful weather!

Survey Sightings

RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)16:50:001Flying Perched Adult•grassland•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•roadsides
NH (Northern Harrier)17:15:001Flying Perched AdultMale•grassland
NH (Northern Harrier)17:45:001Flying Perched AdultFemale•grassland•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•shrubland
SE (Short-eared Owl)18:05:003Flying Perched Adult•grassland•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•roadsides

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)1
NH (Northern Harrier)2
SE (Short-eared Owl)3