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RouteBerardi SE WI
Location Wisconsin, USA
Survey date 2021-03-05
Survey ID1136

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2021-03-05Start Time: 10:30:00End Time: 12:20:00
Temperature5 (C)6.67 (C)
Cloud Cover5 (%)5 (%)
Visibility0 (km)0 (km)
Precipitation0: None0: None
Wind Speed2: 6-11 km/h (4-7 mph)3: 12-19 km/h (8-12 mph)
Wind DirectionNN
WaterMostly FrozenMostly Frozen
Snow Depth4 (in)4 (in)
Observer 1Vic Berardi
Observer 2Ann Berardi
Observer 3
Observer 4
Notes Nice day with clear blue skies!

Survey Sightings

RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:40:002Perched LightAdult•unspecified agriculture•developed
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)10:55:001Perched LightAdultMale•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:05:001Flying Light•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:10:001Flying LightAdult•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:45:001Perched LightImmature•grassland
CH (Cooper's Hawk)11:50:001Flying Adult•unspecified agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)12:10:004Perched Immature•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:10:001Flying LightAdult•unspecified agriculture

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)6
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)1
CH (Cooper's Hawk)1
BE (Bald Eagle)4