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RouteWashington/Burt Nebraska
Location Nebraska, USA
Survey date 2021-02-18
Survey ID1117

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2021-02-18Start Time: 09:20:00End Time: 15:20:00
Temperature-10.5 (C)-5.6 (C)
Cloud Cover0 (%)0 (%)
Visibility7 (km)10 (km)
Precipitation0: None0: None
Wind Speed0: less than 1km/h (Calm)2: 6-11 km/h (4-7 mph)
Wind DirectionVariableN
Snow Depth12 (in)12 (in)
Observer 1Jerry Toll
Observer 2Carol Schmid
Observer 3
Observer 4
Notes This survey was completed on the first day that the temperature reached 32 degrees after 9 days of near and sub-zero weather. Additionally, there were 6 days of measurable snowfall for a total of 16" within that period.

Survey Sightings

BE (Bald Eagle)09:30:001Perched Adult•developed•forested•stubble agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)09:30:001Perched Adult•forested•developed•stubble agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)09:40:003Perched Adult•forested•stubble agriculture
Notes: All three adults perched in the same tree.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)09:40:001Perched Adult•forested•developed
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)09:45:001Soaring Light•forested•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)09:45:001Perched LightAdult•developed•roadsides
Notes: calurus or abieticola subspecies
BE (Bald Eagle)09:50:001Flying Adult•unspecified agriculture•developed
BE (Bald Eagle)09:55:001Perched Adult•developed•forested
Notes: Perched in a tree in a small cemetery
AK (American Kestrel)10:10:001Perched Male•roadsides•stubble agriculture
Notes: Perched on powerline alongside the road
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:10:001Perched Adult•roadsides•stubble agriculture
Notes: Perched on powerpole crossarm 60m from AMKE
BE (Bald Eagle)10:15:001Perched Adult•stubble agriculture
Notes: This eagle was on the ground on a ridgeline.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:20:001Perched Light•developed•forested•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:25:001Perched LightImmature•forested•developed•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:35:002Perched LightAdult•forested•unspecified agriculture•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:45:001Perched Light•unspecified agriculture
Notes: Sitting on the ground.
UB (Unknown Buteo)10:50:001Perched •unspecified agriculture
Notes: A distant raptor.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:00:002Flying DarkAdult•stubble agriculture•roadsides
Notes: 2 redtails in same general area. Clearly saw the adult dark morph but only saw the other briefly and cannot supply the same details. The dark morph was a calurus subspecies.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:20:001Perched Light•forested•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:25:001Perched LightImmature•forested•roadsides•grassland
Notes: Light morph harlans.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:40:002Perched LightAdult•forested•roadsides•grassland
Notes: Clearly saw this pair close by. Both borealis.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:00:001Flying LightAdult•grassland•forested
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:00:001Perched •forested•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:25:001Perched LightAdult•forested•developed
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:25:001Perched DarkAdult•forested•developed
Notes: harlan's subspecies
BE (Bald Eagle)12:25:001Perched Immature•forested•developed
Notes: A second or third year BE
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:30:001Perched DarkAdult•forested•developed•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:30:002Flying LightAdult•forested•grassland
Notes: A pair. One landed in a nest.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:40:001Flying Light•stubble agriculture•forested
BE (Bald Eagle)12:55:001Soaring Immature•stubble agriculture•forested•developed
Notes: Looked like a second year BE
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:00:001Perched LightAdult•forested•developed•stubble agriculture
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)13:10:001Perched Light•forested•grassland•developed
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)13:20:001Perched Light•forested•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:45:001Perched LightAdult•forested•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:00:001Perched LightAdult•forested•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:15:002Perched LightAdult•forested•stubble agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:15:001Flying Adult•forested•stubble agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:20:001Perched Adult•forested•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:20:001Perched LightAdult•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:25:001Soaring LightAdult•grassland•unspecified agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:30:001Flying Immature•forested•developed•unspecified agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:35:001Perched Adult•forested•unspecified agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:40:001Perched Adult•forested•stubble agriculture
BE (Bald Eagle)14:40:003•forested•developed•unspecified agriculture
Notes: 2 of 3 were adult and perched in a grove of trees, the 3rd was a flying subadult. All were proximal to hog confinement buildings.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:40:001Perched LightAdult•developed•roadsides•unspecified agriculture
Notes: Perched at the entrance to the hog confinement buildings
BE (Bald Eagle)14:55:002Perched •developed•forested•unspecified agriculture
Notes: These two were an adult and a sub-adult perched in a grove of trees south and proximal to the hog confinement complex.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:00:001Perched LightAdult•roadsides•unspecified agriculture•developed
AK (American Kestrel)15:05:001Perched Male•roadsides•unspecified agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)15:15:001Perched Male•roadsides•developed•forested•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:25:001Perched LightAdult•developed•forested

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
BE (Bald Eagle)20
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)32
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)3
AK (American Kestrel)3
UB (Unknown Buteo)1