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RouteSan Luis Valley, CO
Location Colorado, USA
Survey date 2020-01-23
Survey ID1023

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2020-01-23Start Time: 10:30:00End Time: 14:30:00
Temperature-3.3 (C)2.8 (C)
Cloud Cover50 (%)30 (%)
Wind Speed0: less than 1km/h (Calm)0: less than 1km/h (Calm)
Wind Direction------
Snow Depth0 (in)0 (in)
Observer 1Jillian Glover
Observer 2Deb Callahan
Observer 3Patrick Glove
Observer 4

Survey Sightings

RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:35:001Perched Adult•grassland•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
Notes: On a Tree
NG (Northern Goshawk)10:50:001Perched Male•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
Notes: In Cottonwood tree
NG (Northern Goshawk)10:50:001Perched Female•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
Notes: Cottonwood over the river
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:05:001Perched Adult•stubble agriculture•developed
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:10:001Flying Perched AdultMale•stubble agriculture
Notes: on utility pole
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:35:001Perched LightAdultFemale•grassland
Notes: on utility pole
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)11:55:001Perched Adult•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•stubble agriculture
Notes: Cottonwood Trees / River
BE (Bald Eagle)12:10:001Perched Adult•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•grassland
Notes: Cottonwoods
FH (Ferruginous Hawk)12:15:001Perched Adult•grassland
Notes: utility pole
NH (Northern Harrier)12:45:001Flying AdultMale•grassland
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:55:001Perched Adult•stubble agriculture
GE (Golden Eagle)13:15:001Perched AdultMale•grassland
Notes: utility pole 7 miles from December's sighting
GE (Golden Eagle)13:15:001Perched AdultFemale•grassland
Notes: utility pole 7 miles from December's sighting
NH (Northern Harrier)13:25:001Flying Female•grassland
AK (American Kestrel)13:35:001Flying AdultFemale•stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:25:001Perched Adult•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
Notes: Cottonwoods

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)6
NG (Northern Goshawk)2
RL (Rough-legged Hawk)1
BE (Bald Eagle)1
FH (Ferruginous Hawk)1
NH (Northern Harrier)2
GE (Golden Eagle)2
AK (American Kestrel)1