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RouteCoyote Valley
Location California, USA
Survey date 2020-02-07
Survey ID967

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2020-02-07Start Time: 09:50:00End Time: 14:10:00
Temperature12.2 (C)20 (C)
Cloud Cover0 (%)0 (%)
Precipitation0: None0: None
Wind Speed0: less than 1km/h (Calm)2: 6-11 km/h (4-7 mph)
Wind Direction---N
Snow Depth0 (in)0 (in)
Observer 1Ken R Schneider
Observer 2Susan Schneider
Observer 3Barbara Schneider
Observer 4
NotesVery few kestrels seen today for unknown reasons.

Survey Sightings

RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:00:002Perched •fallow agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)10:00:001Perched Female•unspecified agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:05:002Perched •unspecified agriculture
ML (Merlin)10:10:001Perched •unspecified agriculture
NH (Northern Harrier)10:15:001Flying •unspecified agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:20:002Soaring •unspecified agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:20:009Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:20:001Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:25:007Perched
Notes: Apparent roost, all in one leafless tree near one another.
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:30:002Soaring •unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:35:001Soaring Adult
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)10:40:001Perched
TV (Turkey Vulture)10:45:001Soaring
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)10:50:001Soaring Adult
TV (Turkey Vulture)11:00:007Soaring
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)11:45:001•developed
Notes: Heard only.
TV (Turkey Vulture)11:45:001Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:45:001Perched
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:50:002Soaring Adult
TV (Turkey Vulture)11:55:001Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:55:001Soaring Adult
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:05:003Flying
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:10:002Soaring Adult
Notes: Legs dangling courtship display.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:20:001Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:20:001Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:20:003Perched
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:30:003Soaring
GE (Golden Eagle)12:30:001Flying
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:35:004Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:45:003Soaring
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)12:45:001
Notes: Heard only.
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:50:009Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:55:003Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:10:001Perched
Notes: Likely a typo in here for this single raptor, eithe for time or location, based on time difference between the two sightings.
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:15:001Soaring •forested
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:20:001Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)13:25:001Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:25:002Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:35:002Flying Adult•forested
TV (Turkey Vulture)13:35:002Soaring •forested
TV (Turkey Vulture)13:40:005Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:40:002Perched
WK (White-tailed Kite)13:45:001Soaring
TV (Turkey Vulture)13:50:003Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:55:002Perched

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)26
AK (American Kestrel)1
TV (Turkey Vulture)69
ML (Merlin)1
NH (Northern Harrier)1
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)3
GE (Golden Eagle)1
WK (White-tailed Kite)1