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Location KY, USA
Survey date 2022-02-09
Survey ID1430

Survey Conditions

Survey Date: 2022-02-09Start Time: 10:50:00End Time: 17:00:00
Temperature12.2 (C)15.6 (C)
Cloud Cover10 (%)10 (%)
Wind Speed3: 12-19 km/h (8-12 mph)3: 12-19 km/h (8-12 mph)
Wind DirectionSWSW
Snow Depth0 (in)0 (in)
Observer 1Jill Glover
Observer 2Joseph Hall
Observer 3
Observer 4
Notes Ice storm & cold spell 5 days previous
Farmlands generally are made up of 300 ac lots- this explains the large number of species and multiple counts of species observed
Some farms had begun spring harrowing of fields that were previously stubble -- A noticeable decline in NOHA was noted in these areas
Late morning to early afternoon winds gusting ~20mph

Survey Sightings

RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)11:00:002Soaring •wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•forested
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:00:001Perched •green agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)11:00:001•green agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:05:001Perched •stubble agriculture•forested
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)11:10:001Soaring
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:10:001Soaring •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:20:001Flying •stubble agriculture•green agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)11:20:001Soaring
BV (Black Vulture)11:25:003Flying •wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:30:001Soaring •stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)11:35:002Perched •stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)11:50:001Flying •green agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:50:001Soaring •forested
AK (American Kestrel)11:55:002Flying Perched •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)11:55:001Perched •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:15:001Flying Perched •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:15:001
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:30:001Flying •stubble agriculture•forested
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:30:002Soaring •stubble agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:30:001•stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)12:35:002Perched •stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)12:50:001Perched •stubble agriculture
BV (Black Vulture)12:50:002Soaring •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)12:50:001Perched •stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)12:55:001•animal agriculture
NH (Northern Harrier)12:55:001Flying •animal agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)12:55:001Soaring •stubble agriculture
BV (Black Vulture)13:00:001Flying •animal agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)13:15:001Flying •stubble agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)13:15:001Flying •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
AK (American Kestrel)13:30:001Flying Perched •stubble agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)13:35:001Flying •unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:00:001Perched •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:10:001Flying Perched •unspecified agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)14:20:001Soaring •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
AK (American Kestrel)14:25:001Flying •stubble agriculture
BV (Black Vulture)14:30:001Soaring •stubble agriculture
TV (Turkey Vulture)14:30:001Soaring •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)14:35:001Flying Perched •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
TV (Turkey Vulture)14:50:002Perched •green agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)15:10:001Flying Perched •green agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:10:001Perched •unspecified agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)15:25:001Flying Perched •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:25:001Perched •stubble agriculture
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)15:35:001Flying Perched •unspecified agriculture•forested
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:35:001Soaring •unspecified agriculture•forested
AK (American Kestrel)15:45:001Flying Perched •stubble agriculture•developed
TV (Turkey Vulture)15:45:003Soaring •unspecified agriculture•forested
AK (American Kestrel)15:50:002Perched •stubble agriculture•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:55:001Perched Female•forested•unspecified agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)15:55:001Perched Male•forested•unspecified agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)16:10:001Perched •unspecified agriculture•roadsides
NH (Northern Harrier)16:10:001Flying •unspecified agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)16:15:001Perched •green agriculture•roadsides
NH (Northern Harrier)16:15:001Flying •green agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)16:20:001Perched •stubble agriculture
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)16:20:001Perched •stubble agriculture•roadsides
BE (Bald Eagle)16:25:001Perched Female•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•shrubland
BE (Bald Eagle)16:25:001Perched Male•wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•shrubland
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)16:45:001Perched •wetland/pond/marsh/riparian•unspecified agriculture
AK (American Kestrel)16:50:001Perched •stubble agriculture

Survey totals by species

SpeciesTotal Count
RS (Red-shouldered Hawk)5
RT (Red-tailed Hawk)21
TV (Turkey Vulture)14
BV (Black Vulture)7
AK (American Kestrel)21
NH (Northern Harrier)3
BE (Bald Eagle)2